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Everyone Wins! 

Arbitration &

Mediation Services

New Braunfels and the surrounding area’s. San Antonio, Schertz, Cibolo, Seguin, Converse, San Marcos

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RTR Arbitration & Mediation has 25+ years in conflict management and resolution.

RTR Arbitration and Mediation understand that every case is different. We will work closely with both parties to ensure we fully understand their individual needs and those of their family, business or organization. By devoting our full attention to your case we are able to provide an effective mediation that both parties can agree upon.  Everyone wins!

Areas of concentration

Divorce & Seperation

We make separation easy & uncomplicated.



Harmoniously move your family through the changes of life.



Employee and  business  conflict management.

Civil & Small


Have a small claim to dispute? We can bring resolution.


To provide affordable, professional conflict resolution services to New Braunfels and surrounding areas

I am not a judge and will not render a decision or impose a solution on any party. Rather, I assist in helping both of you talk to each other and resolve issues in a way that meets both of your needs.

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 We mediate online or virtually which allows you the privacy of your home or office. It also eliminates a lot of stress by not having to come face to face with the person or parties that you are in a dispute with.  We do offer face to face mediation when requested.


Our goal is to settle the conflict and or dispute in one session but follow up sessions are permitted and in some mediation cases it is necessary due to complexity of the conflict.  Arbitration is also an option due to your mediator is a neutral third party.

Meeting with Clients

 Resolving an issue is very liberating especially when you resolve it without going to court or seeking an attorney. Mediation allows both parties to participate in a solution or the out come of your conflict. You decide the outcome not a judge.

How Mediation Works

Satisfied Customers

Tyrone Parker, you are awesome. I highly recommend you to anyone going through a divorce. You are not only professional and knowledgeable but also kind and understanding to both me and my husband. I felt like you were very fair to both of us, and never took sides."

Marisol R

“Thank you so much, really…I know it’s your profession; but you made it very personal and real and treated us as two people going through a hard transition… thank you so much.”

Maria B

"This mediator was so warm and professional! I would recommend him for any future mediations.

Erica M

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Areas of Service

New Braunfels 

San Antonio


San Marcos


Don't see your area?



Call us today. We serve all parts of Texas and virtually anywhere in the United States!

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