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About RTR Arbitration & Mediation


RTR Arbitration and Mediation understand that every case is different. We will work closely with both parties to ensure we fully understand their individual needs and those of their family, business or organization. By devoting our full attention to your case we are able to provide an effective mediation that both parties can agree upon.  Everyone wins!

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Meet Ty Parker

Over 25 years of Conflict and Dispute Resolution Experience

Mr. Tyrone “Ty” Parker Jr. have dealt with all types of conflict resolution since 1995. My specialty area’s consist of Military divorce, Family mediation, Employee/Management Relations and more. I am a non-attorney certified advance mediator and also an advance arbitrator.


Benefits of using our services

In the state of Texas mediators to include attorney mediators are not allowed to give legal advice. Doing so is unethical, unprofessional and a violation of Texas law. It also can lead to a malpractice suit and revocation of the Mediated Service Agreement (MSA) performed which legal advice was given. That’s why using RTR Arbitration and Mediation LLC as a non-attorney mediator can save you some heart ache about getting your finalized MSA revoked.

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Ready to work with us to peacefully resolve your conflicts? Good! We are ready to make it happen.

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